Volunteers Program

MAYOO Foundation



Want to live with the Maasai and help a community?



July 2013: MAYOO welcomed its first volunteer. A student from England came to live in the village of Illnargooj for a month to learn about the Maasai culture. Max had raised funds before he came to help purchase childrens' uniforms and learning equipment. He learnt how to live in Maasailand and became a part of the community. Now studying at the University of Manchester, Max is still closely connected to MAYOO, supporting the Volunteer program and helping out with the Maasai Jewellery project.


December 2013: Amber and 2 other Australians visit the community and learn about the Maasai culture. They visit a number of schools and donate school uniforms to the children.


Since then, MAYOO have had many volunteers from Europe and USA - more details to follow in the new website.


If you think you have what it takes be a part of this amazing program and become a part of the MAYOO family, send an email to maasaiyouth@yahoo.com.