'A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step'

MAYOO Foundation



My friends and I came to Maasai land in December 2013 to learn and live like the Maasai. We were welcomed into Jonathan's home where we lived for six weeks and alongside Jonathan explored a variety of Maasai communites and the struggles they face. We decided our time would be best spent helping the youth and children, and Jonathan made it possible for us to achieve our goals. We spent 10 days in the DREAM CHILDRENS HOME, playing with the orphans and learning how they live. It was an extremely rewarding experience and we managed to help buy uniforms for some of the children.


We then travelled to Magadi and Mosiro, two very remote and challenged townships. We straight away noticed the lack of education and wanted to do our best to support children going to school. We spoke with the fathers and mothers of the community and really got to know how the lack of education creates many cultural issues in these families. We learned about FGM and early marriag,e and started to understand that nothing can really stop these practices except education, so focusing on the schools became our priority.


Our first donation was buying 10 uniforms and shoes for the kids attending Erotet primary school. Being able to provide small but necessary everyday items such as school uniforms and shoes to enable children to get to school and keep going with their schooling gave us a great sense of achievement.


After returning to Jonathan's home we visited the schools in his community. We spoke to the headmaster at Ilngarooj Primary School and decided story books were needed for the children to practice their English. We managed to purchase a fair amount of books to support this need. We want to thank Donald Henry for the extra funds and help towards this school and the books we purchased.


We then discovered there is a safe house attached to the school at Olosho-oibor, that supported the young girls escaping early marriage and FGM. We decided we wanted to put the rest of our fundraised money into helping support this great program. We spoke to the matron and decided to buy two bunk beds, mattresses and blankets. The seemed to be the best thing at this time to make room for some of the many girls in need of help. A long term goal for this safe house is to build a second dorm to accommodate the growing number of girls trying to escape the downfalls in the Maasai culture.


Once we knew of this safe house, we wanted to help bring a young girl named Janet, who lived in Magadi, here to start her education. She was only13 but was at the point of being sold when we met her family, and we promised to sponsor her schooling. Janet's mother was very happy with this opportunity for her daughter, and the following week we brought her to the safe house where she will grow and learn with the support she needs and without the fear of her father having to sell her to raise money for the family.


This six week experience was extremely rewarding, and an eye-opening introduction to the world of the Maasai. We thank Jonathan and everyone involved in making our journey to Kenya a blessed and beneficial experience. If anyone wishes to donate and support this community and the young girls living at this safe house please contact MAYOO. We can put all our hands together to try and make a difference!