Jonathon's Story

MAYOO Foundation

Born January 31st, 1989, in Ilngarooj, Kenya, both of Jonathan’s parents passed away while he was still very young. He was taken in by his grandmother four years later, who provided a loving home with an emphasis on education. However, she also passed away, leaving him alone to care for his three younger siblings. It is this experience that Jonathan has built his view of the world on. In Jonathan’s view, no-one in Kenya or Africa should have to grow up alone, and everyone should have access to education and an equal chance in life ....


By 1998 Jonathan found himself in a position to go back to school at the Oloshoibor Primary School. With help from the surrounding community he graduated in 2003. Continuing with his studies, in 2007 Jonathan graduated from Nakeel High School. With scores capable of placing him in the Kenya Institute of Management, he received a degree in Human Resource Management with financial assistance from an American family who sponsored his educational fees and living expenses.


In 2006, while still at High School, Jonathan formed MAYOO (Maasai Youth Outreach Organization) with the close support of like-minded youths in the area. With an initial purpose of the betterment of the Maasai community with a focus on orphaned children, MAYOO has raised school fees for many younger children allowing them to attend primary school, as well as helping to develop community infrastructure. Projects to date include helping widowed women build sustainable gardens for their own food security, improving and rehabilitating main roads providing access to further economic development, and hosting educational seminars and workshops covering topics as wide as literacy and reading skills, HIV/AIDs information, and how educated children can help their parents and community elders.


Jonathan’s next goal is a finance degree that will provide him the skills to further develop MAYOO into a larger organization reaching across Maasailand. MAYOO will need considerable leadership to reach its aspirational goal of eradicating illiteracy as a first step towards moving the Maasai community out of poverty as a whole, all the while campaigning for and aiding in the development of a system of sustainable development and better education.


As Africa’s developing economies continue to make great strides forward, Jonathan intends to ensure no person in his community is left behind; first by educating himself and honing his skills as a community leader, then by passing his knowledge, skills, and support to the rest of the community. It is a rare instance that one person has the potential and drive to make such an impact on his surroundings. Jonathan asks for your support, as he builds his network and establishes a long-term programme to rescue, educate and support the less fortunate in his community.

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