Our History

MAYOO Foundation

Our History


Maasai Youth Outreach Organization (MAYOO) is a registered Kenyan CBO ('Community-Based Organization') located in the Maasailand to the west of the Ngong Hills, approximately 35 kilometers south west of Nairobi in Kenya.


The organization was founded in 2006 by a Kenyan university student, Jonathan Saoyo Simel, who bought 8 goats and 2 oxen as his own seed investment for a new project to help young people in his Maasai community. He raised funds by selling the animals when they were ready for market, thereby jumpstarting MAYOO.


The founders of MAYOO were Jonathan Saoyo and Elijah Olkupai, both of whom grew up within the indigenous Maasai culture and progressed all the way through the local education system. Jonathan and Elijah are role models and leaders amongst the Maasai community dedicated to their culture, passionate about education and equality of opportunity, and a with a strong desire to raise the living standard of the Maasai community. Since 2013, their example has mobilised young volunteers from many countries who have travelled to Kenya to visit MAYOO, live and work in a small Maasai community, and experience Maasai culture for real.


The story goes international ...


March 2015: Jonathan travelled to the UK to visit a number of MAYOO volunteers and their families. Following this visit, three of us came together and agreed to set up a fundraising charity to support MAYOO's activities in Kenya, to be known as 'MAYOO Foundation'. Key dates in our timeline are:


April 2015: Drafted and signed a Constitution as the governing document for an Unincorporated Association, to be registered with the Charities Commission when we are ready to do so.


May 2015: Planning for Jonathan's next visit, to kick-off the fundraising programmes.


June 2015: Jonathan arrives back in UK, visiting charity members in London, Norwich, Manchester, Winchester.


11 July 2015: Inaugural event: 'Walk in the Park'

5km Mothers & Daughters walk in Bishops Park, London SW6 6EA

Toddlers, pushchairs, grandparents, teenagers, friends, dogs, everyone's welcome!

Please dress in white to participate

Suggested donation to enter: £10

The walk will be followed by a picnic in the park - please bring one to share

RSVP or any questions to mayoo.info@gmail.com

October 2015: Jonathan visit to United Nations conference in New York (to be confirmed)


April 2016: Annual report for first year to be published


May 2016: First AGM (date to be announced)


Jonathan's Story


Born January 31st, 1989, in Ilngarooj, Kenya, both of Jonathan’s parents passed away while he was still very young. He was taken in by his grandmother four years later, who provided a loving home with an emphasis on education. However, she also passed away, leaving him alone to care for his three younger siblings. It is this experience that Jonathan has built his view of the world on. In Jonathan’s view, no-one in Kenya or Africa should have to grow up alone, and everyone should have access to education and an equal chance in life ....


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