Maasai Culture

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Learn the language of Kimaasai!


The language of the Maasai has 30 individual sounds, 9 contrasting vowels and is dependant on tone and pitch.


Hello - Supa, Soup-a

In response to greeting - Ipa, Eep-a

Goodbye - Olesere, Ol-es-air-ay

How are you? - Supa Oleng, Soup-a O-leng


Yes - Ee, Ay

Yes (after being called) - O

No - Haprah/Ahah, Hap-rah/ah-ah


Thank you (very much) - Ashee (oleng), Ash-ay (o-leng)

Good - Sidai, Sid-ae

I miss you - Anyor naleng, any-your nay-leng


What is your name? - Kekijia engarna ino, Kek-ejia en-g-arr-naa

My name is - Aji, A-jee


Necklace – Enengaina, E-nen-gay-na

Bracelet – Enemurr, E-nem-murr

Belt – Emuship, Emu-ship

Bag – Orbena, Orb-ena


Bomba - The boundary marking land around the home, excluding farm land

Manyatta - Buildings inside a bomba