MAYOO Foundation



What do we need? Where does the money go?


Education Sponsorship


1 term of Secondary School: 180 USD

3 terms (one year): 540 USD


1 Primary School uniform: 25 USD

1 Pair of shoes: 15 USD

Clothing for 1 child for 1 year: 70 USD

(note that a child will only need one set of school uniform a year but will need 3 pairs of shoes per year due to the terrain)





1 Borehole: 680,000 KES (4,800 GBP)

This includes:

- Ground research

- Drilling cost

- Generator to pump water from the borehole

- Tank to hold water 8,000 litres




Child Vaccination - 5,600 KES (£40)


Community Investment


1 sheep to raise and sell later- 4,000 KES (£28)

1 cow to raise and sell later - 18,000 KES (£130)




More information about how you can donate to MAYOO will be posted here soon.


Meanwhile, please contact us at if you have any questions about donations before our new website is launched.



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